About Us

 Photo: Kosse, TX 03/08/2008
Come join us at Rising Star Ranch for a personable, customized and memorable experience. Dave Henry was born in Rising Star, Texas. From the age of seven, he began developing his passion for nature and hunting. Throughout the years, Dave passed this knowledge on to his daughter and son, and as his children grew older and started families of their own, he is able to see this passion passed down to the younger generations. Over the years, the Henry family has hunted in Canada and in various sections of North America, and enjoys hunting exotic game. Dave and his wife, Terri, developed the Rising Star Ranch to share quality hunting with others.

Rising Star Ranch is located on private property in Kosse, Texas; which is west of Centerville, and southeast of Waco. It’s relaxing atmosphere, views of beautifully placed ponds, and the abundance of wildlife are sure to make your hunt a memorable adventure. Also, it is situated among oak covered rolling hills, heavily wooded areas, as well as open pastures. This combination of cover offers a challenging hunt no matter which exotic species is hunted.

Rising Star Ranch is a family-centered environment. We strive to provide exotic hunts to fit everyone’s pocketbook from non-trophy animals to record class animals. Rising Star Ranch is perfect for the weekend hunter or for corporate hunts. We welcome the novice to the experienced hunters and we encourage you to bring your family and friends. Here, at Rising Star Ranch, we believe that our children are important for the future of hunting. Rising Star Ranch is proud of the animals we have to offer and we welcome hunters any time of the year.

Whether it is your first experience hunting exotic game in Texas or if you are a seasoned hunter, we strive to offer you the ultimate hunt and successful experience. Also we work to accommodate most any hunting need. You may choose to hunt with a rifle, pistol, muzzle loader or a bow from the following hunting styles: spot & stalk, safari style, or still blind hunting.

Rising Star Ranch values its high standards when it comes to sportsmanship, knowledge, good camaraderie and harvesting trophy animals at affordable prices. Count on fantastic animals and first-class hunting at Rising Star Ranch. We look forward to making your experience unforgettable and welcoming you to become a part of our family and friends.

Dave & Terri Henry